The Media And Its Effects On The Public Essay

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Media outlets select what to include or exclude in the stories they publish so as to have a specific effect on the public. Whether it is to incite moral panic, force a coming together of a community or to simply provide an alternate voice to a story. It is through this process of selection by media outlets that the public is subject to different narrative styles that depict the same story in different ways. This comparison can be seen in the way different media outlets presented the story of the execution of the two Australians considered leaders of the ‘Bali Nine’ in Indonesia earlier this year.

An online article from ‘The Daily Telegraph’ epitomises choices that show the ‘moral panic’ model of the news. As explained by Critcher in 'Mighty dread: journalism and moral panics’ “a condition…emerges to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests” (Critcher, 2005, p.g 178) which in this case is the death penalty in Indonesia. ‘The Daily Telegraph’ article entitled 'Tributes Grow For Bali Duo In Martin Place’ shows the decision to focus on the Australians that were executed, as it fails to mention the other six individuals at all, “Eight people on death row, including Chan and Sukumaran, were shot dead at 12.25am…on the island of Nusakambangan in Indonesia” (The Daily Telegraph, 2015). The choice to exclude the names and countries of the other people executed incites a clear feeling of the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality so often used in ‘moral panic’ views of news.…

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