The Measure Of A Disorder Essay

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In 1865, a German physicist named Rudolf Clausius coined the term entropy to represent the measure of a disorder of a system. In 1909, Heike Kamerlingh Onnes was credited with placing the term enthalpy in scientific literature. Enthalpy is a measure of the heat content of the system at constant pressure . Entropy and enthalpy differ because they are two different quantities, characterized by the measure of disorder and the measure of heat, respectively. Entropy and enthalpy are the driving forces of thermochemistry and determine the cyclic forces of life.
One of the common phrases used to describe entropy is “Time’s arrow”. This is because nature tends from order to disorder in isolated systems. Take for example, your earbuds. Out of your pocket, the earbuds remain untangled, but once in your pocket, they become an unholy mess mere seconds later. The pocket acts as the isolated system, providing the right conditions for entropy to occur. Another example is house cleaning. Hours spent on cleaning a messy desk can be dismantled by the passing of time, therefore proving that order does tend toward disorder.
Enthalpy can be given by the sum of the internal energy and the product of pressure and volume, which can be simplified into the equation H = PV + U. Heat change and enthalpy can be used reciprocally, but only if the reaction occurs at constant pressure. The change in enthalpy is equivalent to the heat change, which is absorbed or released. Enthalpy can be influenced by…

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