Essay on The Mayan Pompeii : Specific Purpose

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The Mayan Pompeii
Specific Purpose
To inform my audience about the discovery of the well preserved Mayan village Caren in the volcanic ash, and the history of it.
Central Idea
Ceren the frozen in time village was preserved and the history of its people.
 We know or at least heard of Pompeii, the Italian city that was buried under the volcanic ash for many centuries until it was discovered.
 In one unfortunate day, the city of Pompeii witnessed the wrath of the X mountain when a volcano erupted burying the city and its citizens under thousands of tons of volcanic ashes.
 The story that I would like to talk about today is about a village that faced the same tragic fate as Pompeii. It is one of the most important historical discoveries that were made in the American content and has a similar story to that of Pompeii.
 Some archeologists even called it the Mayan Pompeii, it is the village of Ceren
 Ceren village was the home of more than 200 villagers, so what is the story behind Ceren.

Transition: The first point I want to talk about is how the eruption of the volcano happened, and how the aches covered the village.
1. Ceren village was found in 1978 by archeologists who were excavating the area. According to archeologists believe that before the full eruption of Loma Caldera volcano there has been an earthquake, which had probably served as a warning and gave the villagers enough time to escape. o The villagers of Ceren were…

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