The Mayan Civilization Essay

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The Mayan civilization was one of the most advanced Mesoamerican civilizations. This civilization lasted for approximately 3,000 years and inhabited a vast region that is now modern day Guatemala and the Yucatan peninsula. Their flowering culture left many interesting innovations in which they describe a view of the future, our present. Their civilization seemed to grow more over the time until it suddenly started to vanish. There are many conclusions as to why the civilization eventually came to an end. However, environmental issues were undoubtedly one of the reasons why this civilization suffered an instant decline. The early Mayan civilization began around 1800 B.C. This world historic civilization is known for its skills in pottery, the massive structures left behind, their famous calendar, and, of course, the human sacrifices cannot be left out. The Mayan culture has created some of the most remarkable works of all time. The Mayans developed their calendars based on the astronomical observations they constantly made. They used the temples they built and their numerical and arithmetic developed system to establish a repetitive astronomical phenomena. In other words, the solar cycle, which was the basis of what they used to base their amazing and innovative calendars. The Mayans believed that events were repeated cyclically according to the position of our stars and stars over the sky, and they used that to predict future events. Their architecture is mainly religious,…

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