Essay The Masque of the Red Death

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In Aesop’s fable, “The Wolf and the Lamb,” the moral of the story asks the reader to examine the desire for an object—and how we justify our behavior if we cannot obtain that object. This moral is graphically presented through the repeated use of key words to describe the fox’s repeated failure to get what he wants. The fox’s first attempt is foiled as he “just missed” the grapes (35). He attempts “again and again”, running and jumping repeatedly, but has “no greater success” (35). He then becomes disgusted and walks away. These successive descriptions of his failure build to his disdainful comment that the grapes are probably sour (35). The repeated demonstration of fox’s failures and his self-rationalization of why is he walking away—not …show more content…
Thesis Statement on Mortality:

Even though fear of the unknown is scary, should mortality actually be something we fear? Death effects everyone the same. It ends life for all equally and death is life’s only certainty. Some of the literary elements Edgar Allen Poe uses in this story include symbolism, imagery, and allegory. Examples of these include the Seven Colored Rooms; each symbolically corresponding to a different "stage" of human life, which its color suggests. The Black Clock located in the black room, symbolizing the passing of "the Time that flies", and the inevitability of death. and the Red Death itself, coming "like a thief in the night”, referring to the Bible’s reference in Paul's First Letter to the Thessalonians 5:4, in which Jesus will come when the world is least expecting it ("like a thief in the night") to judge sinners for all of eternity. The characters in the story all try to ignore and escape death, escape their own mortality, preferring to stay focused on living life to its fullest. But, as they (as well as us) are reminded when Death literally crashes their party, our mortality cannot be avoided

At first glance, Prince Prospero comes across as a pretty arrogant dude. He spends his time doing anything but ruling. He just doesn't care about the suffering of his people. He doesn't even want to think about it, because that would be too much of a bummer, so he isolates himself and revels in the good times. But his

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