The Masks Have Changed And Developed Over Time Essay

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Otomí masks have changed and developed over time. There are many cultural shifts that have occurred that altered the Otomí masking traditions. The masks that were once used for maintaining social order, connecting with the spirit world through magic, represented symbols, and told great myths, have become more theatrical and less ritualistic. Many Mexican indigenous groups no longer practice shamanistic rituals, but many contemporary uses of masks continue to incorporate shamanistic elements. (Cordry, 141). Masks are still used and valued today, but in a different way.
The cultural shifts that have affected the uses and meanings of masks the most, are the advancements in technology and the way of life. Mask-making is a disappearing art that is losing its traditions as a result of the social changes occurring in the world. In Mexico many indigenous groups are beginning to mix. The remote villages that once required a long travel by horseback to visit, now have roads and even bus services linking them to other villages. The masking traditions in these villages are no longer protected by isolation. Medical technology and farming technology have also changed the masking traditions. Many indigenous groups have moved to the cities due to an increasing population and easier access to better medical care and modern farming techniques.
Changes in the education system are also affecting the masking culture and traditions in mexico. Few indigenous mexican groups, like the Otomí, are…

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