The Marxist Views Of Karl Marx And The Communist Manifesto

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The first thing we teach to children is to share. I remember entering my younger brother’s kindergarten class and seeing a plastic box where all the students put their crayons in for everyone to have some and for them to learn how to share. The key words in these sentences are; teach, learn and share. Fellow classmates and Mrs. Cavalheiro human beings are sadly not perfect and are selfish creatures. How can we solve this problem and learn to share? The answer is pure communism. Karl Marx was a philosopher and revolutionary who wrote the Communist Manifesto, he knew exactly how communism should be applied therefore I will be applying a Marxist point of view.

We live in a capitalist society with some social characteristics such as; healthcare
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An extra thousand dollars a year of income might not mean a lot in Canada or the US, but for a poor country like the Central African Republic, where the average person lives on two dollars a day it would make a huge difference. Did you know the 85 richest people on the planet have the same wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion people, which is equivalent to 50% of the world’s population? More than half of the world’s richest 1% live in the US. If that 1% would give more to poor countries like the Central African Republic, the ones who need it would never see that money anyways because the profit they make when they export diamonds and other resources goes to the few élite. Therefore, the capital the 1% would give them would probably go to the élite as …show more content…
Communism where the ownership is ascribed to the community, would give the people the chance to run their country themselves. Marx once said that the government should not receive more money than the people, they should be treated equally like everyone in the country. Communism has never been applied like it should have been. Most people say that the USSR was communist, but I disagree. Vladimir Lenin, the chairman of the USSR who led the Russian revolution and established the USSR, knew that in order to establish communism the state would have to control the production and distribution of their profit. He also knew that would be ‘state capitalism’ but he believed it was a step to communism since the state was in the hands of workers, the communist party. However, Lenin was killed and Stalin took over. In other words, the state controlled most of the means of production; the people’s surplus was given to the government in order for them to have the right to live normally & access social necessities. The communist party vanished, the communist step became a permanent ‘state capitalism’ and feudalism. The Council Of Ministers was in charge of distributing and receiving the surplus. However, the state didn’t produce enough and too much surplus was distributed to the government. It led to famine, poverty and many deaths. Regardless, 2/3 Russian’s population liked communism when Lenin was in

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