Essay about The Marriage Of Arranged Marriage

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Till death us do part. Every married couple takes this vow, to stay with and love their partner until the day they die. But what happens if a marriage is not based on love but rather it is arranged? To this day the controversy about whether arranged or love marriages is better still rages on. But frankly, nobody has an answer because this topic is so individualized. Arranged marriages are a touchy topic that affects the lives of many parents and families. Although arranged marriages are not as common in the Western world it is still as viable of an option as love marriages. What is an arranged marriage? An arranged marriage is a union between two people in which their parents or relatives selected each other to get married rather than the bride and groom. (Queano-Professor’s House) In countries where this is not a common practice, “the words arranged marriage often bring to mind the image of two people being forced to get married, sometimes people of significantly different ages, or marriages were a dowry or money are involved”. (Romeropereda-AFS Intercultural Programs) But this is not the case, many people confuse the terms arranged marriage and forced marriage. A forced marriage is when two people are forced to get married without any say. Arranged marriages are basically the older version of an online dating site. There are still many countries today that practice arranged marriages. A couple countries that still follow this practice are Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan,…

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