The Many Faces Of Injustice Essays

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The Many Faces of Injustice PART THREE: KRISTEN RIVERA

Trayvon Martin, Rosa Parks, Mike Brown and Tamir Rice. What do all these people have in common? They are victims. Victims of injustice. It is apparent that these people are victims of injustice without a doubt from what we have heard from the news and social media outlets such as The New York Times, CNN and Facebook. But what is injustice? “Injustice is the lack of fairness or justice.” Personally, I think that injustice is when someone or a group of people are given unfair and illogical consequences. There are 3 predominant types of injustices incredibly relevant to today’s society locally and internationally. These are the social, political and racial injustice.

Social injustice.
“Social injustice is the unfair distribution of resources, opportunities and responsibilities in society.” Social injustice is evident throughout our society on a daily basis and this can even be found in the court of house. For example, according to the Huffingtonpost, Ardell Shaw was an ex inmate whose court fees surged 1,000% while he was in prison. This ex-inmate was convicted of three charges in Washington state and sentenced to prison, owing a total of $1,800 US dollars in court fees. Shaw was informed that the charges could be paid after his release by officials. However, consequent to his release 14 years later, his court fees increased to $21,000 which is a 1,066% increase. The charges had been gathering interest in Washington…

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