The Manufacturing Sector Of North America, But Was Third World Countries Around The World?

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Statement of Purpose
The manufacturing sector in North America has been in a steady decrease for the past few decades; beyond being a growing concern for North Americans, this decline has been detrimental to inhabitants of many countries around the world. How is the decrease of the manufacturing sector in North America harming not only North America, but also third world countries around the world?

Research Methodology For my research, academic journals and newspapers will be most suitable to find adequate information on the decline of the manufacturing sector in North America. This is due to the constant evolution of this subject; there is always new information and new studies that are released which are linked to this topic. There are many keywords that led me to find relevant academic journals; these keywords include the words “sweatshops”, “North America”, “loss of jobs” and “manufacturing sector”.

Claire Ansberry. Wall Street Journal, Eastern Edition, 2003, New York, New York. Less Sweat, More Tech: A New Blue-Collar World --- Workers Now Need More Skills But Get Less Job Security; 700 Different Kinds of Steel. (June 30 2003) “Automation and globalization haven 't only reshaped jobs, but eliminated many, too. The sector lost about two million jobs in the past two years alone. Overcapacity, global competition and rising labor costs make blue-collar work particularly vulnerable to global boom-and-bust cycles.” (Paragraph 8). (Paragraphs consulted: 1-15).…

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