The Mango Season By Amulya Malladi Essay

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“Culture is the stuff of life. It 's the world around us and what we do within it. It 's what we eat, where we go, how we live. It 's how we communicate. It gives meaning to the things we buy and the choices we make” (Global Team of Cultural Experts). The Mango Season written by Amulya Malladi is about a Brahmin Telugu girl named Priya Rao expressing her secret engagement to her strict family. Priya goes to America for further studies, but ends up falling in love with an American, Nicholas Collins. As she returns back to her hometown, situations get extremely serious and tough for Priya. Culture expectation, difficulty expressing feelings to elders and society’s negative judgement affects the protagonist in various ways. Therefore, culture and setting plays a vital role in Priya’s life because it impacts her and her family negatively since she is expected to follow strict rules.
To begin with, Priya is strongly expected to marry a guy of her parents’ choice. Brahmin parents believe that arranged marriages will have a better chance of a long lasting relationship. In Priya’s point of view, arranged marriage distinctively impacts one’s life by forcing someone to share their life with someone who they do not know or care about. Priya herself states, “My mother and father were unsuited in many ways, yet they had managed to stay married for over twenty-eight years” (Malladi 55). This describes how arranged marriages do not always work out. Priya’s parents do not get along well,…

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