The Man 's Evil Eye Essay

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The story represents the insight world of an insanity of the narrator. Although, the narrator claims to be completely sound while slaying a person, the reasons of him doing so, and the way he chose to do it clearly state his mental instability. The old man’s evil eye is a greater extent of a symbol of the narrator’s insanity, and it is represented through his irrational lust and delusion to get rid of a person that he loves. The narrator needs to eradicate the eye, not the person; otherwise this eye will destroy him. The eye is a symbolic representation of the narrator’s sadistic, insanity, and guilty.
The narrator enjoys tormenting; it is even more disturbing, as the narrator definitely finds a sadistic pleasure in telling about the terror of his victim, in description of his state of mind: “You should have seen how wisely I proceeded --with what caution --with what foresight --with what dissimulation I went to work!” (E. A. Poe). He claims to take it very seriously and is fully prepared for the doing and the narrator’s obsession with old man causes him to watch the old man’s sleeping form for eight nights. Every night, during the week he comes into the old man’s room and stands above him and contemplates him, up until the narrator finally gets caught in one night. It is quite possible that the old man has known all along of the narrator’s sadistic and he has been expecting terrible doing of his murderer from the beginning. At the point of the story, the narrator kills…

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