The Mammalian Body Complex And Interconnected Systems Essay

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The mammalian body contains many complex and interconnected systems. Each body system contributes a unique role to keep the mammalian body active and functional. However each body system relies on other body systems to perform their specific roles effectively.

Muscular System
The muscular system is responsible for the movement of the human body. There are more than 600 skeletal muscles within the body and this makes up 40% of a person’s body weight (Healthline, 2015). Muscle contractions within the skeletal system are produced when signals are sent from the nervous system to contract small or large muscle groups. These movements seem involuntary because we don’t need to concentrate to contract specific muscle groups. (Healthline, 2015). The cardiac muscles can be only found within the walls of the heart (Fig 1. Cardiac muscles are responsible for pumping blooding throughout the body. Also, the muscles are contracted by stimulating itself, however the heart’s number of beats per minute can be increased or decreased based on the amount of hormones and signals released from the brain (InnerBody, 2015). Smooth muscles are known as involuntary muscles since they are not consciously controlled. Smooth muscles can be found within the walls of hollow organs such as the bronchi, stomach, oesophagus and the walls of blood vessels (Fig 2) (Teach PE, 2015). Smooth muscles are stimulated by involuntary neurogenic impulses, which have slow and rhythmic contractions. For…

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