The Major Regional And Political Conflict Existent Between China And Japan

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The major regional and political conflict existent between China and Japan forced the United States to end the dispute for Asian peace. The dispute got affiliated with Diaoyu Island, which possess the name Senkaku Island in the Japanese context (Baker, 2012). The U.S. basis for the foreign territorial intervention got fostered by the fact that United States had a stake in the region under conflict. However, its intervention also focused on the demand for peaceful political and regional coexistence between the two parties.
Political responsibilities, in contemporary times, propelled the United States to intervene the stalemate between China and Japan. The Chinese territory is subject to its sole political leadership. The same case applies to Japan. Territory-wise, China and Japan are Asian counterparts who dominate the possession of economic, as well as social power within the region (McCurry and Branigan, 2014). The United States, an internationally renowned country with ultimately strong political base intervened in the situation under the foreign contemporary legal basis. The United States originates from a different geographical and social background as related to the Asian superpowers. This essay explores the issue or problem that existed between China and Japan with regards to the Island disputes. It elaborates and depicts the manner in which the United States intervened in the disputes and the factors facilitating in its involvement.
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