The Main Point Of `` Salvation `` Essay

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The main point of “Salvation” is to show the readers Hughes experience of being saved. Being saved is supposed to be a great time where you except Christ into your life, but it was quite the opposite for Hughes. In fact, the first two lines of this story contradict each other, “I was saved from sin when I was going on thirteen. But not really saved.” (Hughes 299). Not only was this event different from the usual, he was not able to comprehend it until years later. Hughes wrote about this event once he comprehended it because he wants people to understand how salvation conflicted him, his experience of salvation, and how such pressure on a child can be detrimental when they do not fully understand what is going on. Hughes is writing this story as if he were still in the moment, as a child, feeling the same way all over again. He writes this way because he wants us to also feel as if we are there, feeling the way he does. The fact that he writes as if he is in the moment again shows us how important this is to him and there is a greater meaning. Hughes is confused, afraid, and maybe even frustrated at the time. Leading up to the revival there was all this talk of being saved, seeing Jesus, and what joy you will feel. But Hughes had no true meaning of what was really going on, only what he was told. So when he is at revival he takes all the advice so literal that he believes to be saved he must actually see Jesus. Not being able to see Jesus made him conflicted and frustrated…

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