The Main Goals Of The Reconstruction Era Essay

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War was an act created to endorse peace and resolve conflict between various nations, but the cold hearted truth is that in the process of it resolution it breaks hopes and promises and abolishes the dream of peace and serenity in one 's home.With the end of the civil war came thousands of lifeless Confederate soldiers flooding the streets, broken families and a torn down south. In an effort to restore the South the U.S. government enforced the Reconstruction Era upon their citizens. The main goal of the reconstruction era was to rebuild the south after the abolition of slavery, fix its economy, make a democracy and many more things. Fixing the south was a major key in replenishing their nation so they set many goals that they aimed to complete and make successful. I believe that the way the post civil war era positively and negatively impacted the people in the nation plays a major role on how the nation became what it is today.
During 1865, the reconstruction era began and I believe it had many positive effects on the nation. This era meant that African Americans would now have rights and opportunities to live their life as equal human beings.They were able to vote, own property, receive an education, legally marry and hold political power in office. This time was very exciting for them and they enjoyed their newly found freedom. During this time,Abraham lincoln was president and he wanted to reunite the South and the North by endorsing forgiveness and allowing the south…

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