The Main Goal Of Establishing A Constitution Essay

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With the structure of a Federal government, a ruling Parliament and a written constitution, the country of Xlandia will now be served at its best, now and over time. By restricting, both, the government and the citizens from too much power, the base of this system will be provided by individuals with enough knowledge and insight for Xlandia to be successful. This will also permit the citizens to express their own beliefs through independent, honest, and relatively frequent elections. With sufficient representation for the citizens through popular vote and elections, the government cannot run against the population.

The purpose of a Constitution is to outline and define the governmental powers, the legal system, and the rights of citizens in the nation. The main goal of establishing a constitution is to develop efficient values and ideals. These goals may contain the freedom of a democracy and equality/justice. A constitution, to be effective, must be both, steady and adaptable. Adaptability is accomplished through choices made by the legislature, CEO, and by the courts, all of which do present adaptability. As of our knowledge, a limited system would follow a legal document and have checks and balances to restrict the rule of the government. This would result in a better distribution of powers to prevent any overpowerment. It would be best to put a stop to an unlimited government due to the high amount of authority the government would have.

Seeing that Xlandia is new to…

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