The Main Entrance Of The Central London Hatchery And Conditioning Centre

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Over the main entrance of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre, the words “Community, Identity, Stability” (1) stand tall. These three words are the pillars on which Aldous Huxley’s dystopia is built on. However, in this new world, these words have slightly different meanings than the reader may think. Here, community refers to the population of five castes, all of which are born from test tubes, and grow up to become worker bees in the hive. Identity, in Brave New World is not defined as “who someone is” but which caste one belongs too. Rather than individuality, conformity and conventionality are stressed. With the cooperation of the first two ideals expressed, stability can easily be achieved with the help of soma and hypnopaedia.
No parents, no families, no relationships, and no privacy. Simply put: “Everyone belongs to everyone else.” (43) That is the idea of community in Brave New World. From the moment one is “decanted”, he or she is thrown into a caste where his or her likes, dislikes and place in society are predetermined. Ultimately, the community has been structured in a way that is most productive and systematic for society. “So many individuals, of such and such quality.” (10) Varying intelligences and preferences are conditioned into each caste so that as they grow up, everyone will have a place in the community and there will be no competition or unhappiness. The members of society are conditioned to believe that “everyone works for…

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