The Madness Of ' Hamlet ' And Heart Of Darkness ' Essay

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Kenny Nguyen
English Lit

The Madness

In the novels, Hamlet by Shakespeare and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, show the development of madness through the main characters’ actions. Both authors link their ideas of madness that occur in different times in their stories, from the late middle ages in Denmark to the voyage to the congo in the late eighteen hundreds. Shakespeare 's Hamlet speaks broadly about the madness, solely created by one person, while Conrad’s short novel Heart of Darkness focuses on the madness produced by unstable conditions. Between these two novels, both authors create masterpieces (depicting) the actions and results of madness. In Hamlet and in Heart of Darkness a lot similarities exist between the madness of both stories are devoured in power. Although, the obvious differences is the setting, they both are places where evil exist and created by man that has brought on that evil. The endless greed for power that drove Hamlet’s uncle Claudius to murder the king have created a huge madness in the novel. In Heart of Darkness, the madness stems from the desire for power in the need for ivory. The power in Heart of Darkness is not only apparent because it creates normal men like, Mr. Kurtz to commit his mad acts, but also because how fast Marlowe has a clue on how power changes things. When Marlow arrives to the company figures out how powerful the company is and how it’s power can change people for the worse. In…

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