The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold Essay

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The book I chose to read for this assignment was The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I’ve read this book a few times and it is one of my favorites. The story is about a 14 year old girl named Susie, who is brutally raped and murdered by her neighbor, Mr. Harvey. Mr. Harvey lures Susie into a secret little room that he created by digging a hole in the cornfield. Susie, being polite, follows Mr. Harvey, but then senses that there is something very wrong going on. When she tries to leave, Mr. Harvey rips off her clothes and rapes her. After he rapes her, he kills her, cuts up her body, and puts the pieces in a bag. Later, he puts the bag in a safe and then takes it to a sinkhole in hopes that her body is never found.

Susie watches her family from heaven as they grieve and try to solve her murder. Throughout the story, Susie is hoping for someone to solve her murder, but then realizes that by doing so, her family has not been able to move on and live normal lives. I was glad this book was on the list because it shows so many different aspects of people coping with death.

Susie’s father, Jack Salmon, seems to take her death the hardest. He becomes angry and after helping Mr. Harvey with some yard work, he has the suspicion that Mr. Harvey knows something about his daughter’s murder. Jack Salmon then contacts the detective that is working on the case, Len Fenerman. Detective Fenerman interviews Mr. Harvey, but does not believe he is a suspect, but Jack Salmon does not give up.…

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