'The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock'

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In the poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” T.S. Elliot uses a depressing tone to express a meaning of don’t put off the important things when you’re young because you may run out of time before you get to them. T.S. Elliot uses his choice of words to build the characterization of J. Alfred Prufrock, an old and lonely man who is reminiscing on the past, regretting not doing the things he needed to.

All throughout the poem, T.S Elliot uses questions to build the characterization of J. Alfred Prufrock. A good example to represent this idea would be “Do I dare/Disturb the universe?” (lines 45 & 46). He uses this to show us that Prufrock is an old man who is questioning his past and wondering what he should have done. He throws this sentence in to show that not only is he questioning his past, but he is also wondering if it is worth it to change now or would it be a waste of time. Another way he shows us that Prufrock is questioning himself is, “And would it have been worth it all?” (Line 87). He uses this to show us that he is wondering if it's too late.

Along with the questions he asks, he uses his words to show that he’s getting old and is realizing it. “I grow old… I grow old… I shall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled.” (120 & 127).
I think Elliot uses this to show that the man is realizing that he is getting old and
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He uses this to show us that he feels really bad about all the things he has done. He feels he should be nothing more than an invisible thing that means nothing in life. Elliot uses this to show us that he also feels as if he's worthless and nothing more than that. This is another great example of showing how his life once again progresses from being happy and full of people but, how by the end ofit he begins to regret never committing to the more important things in his life. It also shows that he is regretting not ever starting a life to the ladies who tried to start one with him and basically just blowing them

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