The Louisiana Purchase Essay

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The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 nearly doubled the size of the United States and provided them with access to crucial geographic features. The young United States was going through difficult times trying to interpret and tweak their new constitution so they could expand the country. During this time, President Thomas Jefferson, described by Henry as “always stating his strong belief that the federal government’s powers should be interpreted strictly” (Browan 35). Jefferson believed there would have to be an amendment made in order to complete the purchase considering it never gave rules on how to obtain foreign territory. He was correct, based on the constitution there should have been an amendment made in order to expand the country. In December of 1803 the purchase of the Louisiana territory was complete, however, there never was an amendment made. Although many would argue the Louisiana Purchase was constitutional, the constitution did not specify the rules about acquiring foreign territory, Thomas Jefferson proposed an amendment because he didn’t think the purchase was constitutional, and it took nearly five months after the purchase to finally ratify the treaty. Therefore, Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana purchase was unconstitutional.
The recently written constitution did not specify the rules about acquiring foreign territory. At the time, the Louisiana territory was foreign, it belonged to France. Napoleon Bonaparte was the military leader for war stricken France. They…

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