The Louisiana Purchase Posed By Thomas Jefferson Essay

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The Louisiana Purchase posed several significant moral dilemmas for President Thomas Jefferson, among these was not having the power to buy Louisiana. Before Thomas Jefferson was president he campaigned under the program to limit federal power. He felt that the federal government should not have more power than what the constitution granted it. When he became president he only had the power that the constitution allowed him to have. When France offered to sell the whole Louisiana territory, Thomas did not have enough power to make the decision of weather or not to buy the territory. The constitution did not grant him that kind of power. Everyone had to agree to buy the land for he can be able to buy it. Thomas Jefferson knew that if he bought the land it will almost double the size of the Union. He also know that the French were selling that land for a low price. But not everyone agreed with him. Even though he didn 't have the approval of everyone, Thomas Jefferson decided to buy the land. Many people disagreed with Thomas Jefferson over the Louisiana purchase for many reasons. The Federalist Party were the most who disagreed they thought that by buying Louisiana it can lead us in to war with Spain. Spain owned the western part of the United States which meant that Spain will boarder their new land. The Democratic- Republican Party also disagreed because they did not was the national debt to increase. The got mad because Thomas Jefferson promised to eliminate the…

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