The Louisiana Health Information Exchanged ( Lahie ) Essay

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The Louisiana Health Information Exchanged (LaHIE) launched in 2011 is a secured, standardized electronic system that allows for the sharing of important health information within the state and eventually across states. They are partnered with Orion Health a software company that works globally with companies to meet their software needs. LaHIE has a web-based access system that allows access to health records with an iPad, personal computers and PC networking.
It has a Hybrid Program meaning it uses a paper record system as well as electronic system that helps the state with overwhelming health care expenses improving in the electronic access and sharing of medical records using a network that is secure and confidential. This program also “improve patient safety, quality of care and health outcomes” (LHIE Exchange, 2013, p. 1). Patient’s records and information will follow them to any medical provider who is a participating user of this program and have the critical identification required by all providers who use the Electronic Health Records (EHR).
The benefits the state hope to gain from the use of their newly developed program is the reduction in healthcare cost because it will improve in errors, duplicating services; they will have a collective metric that they can hare with other HIE participants and healthcare providers and agencies with the need for medical data; it makes for quick access to immunization records for kids; It will “deliver real-time eligibility…

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