The Lottery, By Jackson And A Rose For Emily Essay

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The stories “The Lottery” by Jackson and “A Rose for Emily” by Faulkner were also written in the 20th century. By reading these two stories, one can find the central conflict in both is individual versus society theme. It’s drawing the individual struggle against collectively accepted rules. Both also characterized the struggles one goes through to avoid the loss of family traditions during these changing times, in “The Lottery”, Tess Hutchinson is a victim while Emily is a victim in “A Rose for Emily”. However, Jackson and Faulkner still have some differences; they still have their own style of writing. In “The Lottery”, Jackson depicts the characters in "The Lottery" as “hypocritical” in their relationships with other people in the town. On the other hand, “A Rose for Emily” portrays memory and the past that has influenced Emily’s life. Shirley Jackson (1919-1965), a native of San Francisco, moved into her teens to Rochester, New York. Her style of writing usually describes the delights and turmoil of domestic life. She also was well known for writing horror stories. “The Lottery” is her best novel that quickly sold out when it was published and sold in the New Yorker in 1948. One day in late June, the villagers gather on the front of the village to participate a lottery run by Mr. Summer. Tess (Hutchinson’s wife) comes late. Mr. Summer will call every family name and the head of family representative will stand out to select one slip of paper. After every family gets one…

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