The Lottery And The Film Bella Tell Very Different Stories Essay

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Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” and the film Bella tell very different stories, yet they both create a moving storyline for their audiences. “The Lottery” presents an entertaining story with a jolting twist while Bella reveals life-changing situations. Extensively elaborating on the literary elements setting, point of view, and symbolism both the short story and the film convey profound details that enhance the overall meaning of the story being told. The settings in “The Lottery” and Bella play a crucial factor to the author’s/director’s purpose. To start with, the actual lottery takes place in a relatively small village. Because there are not many details on where this village is located, Jackson creates a sense of universality. Universality meaning that the reader can imagine the lottery taking place in any small town they know of. This does build fear and even more horror to the actuality of the lottery. Additionally, the day of the lottery, June 27th, serves as a form of irony. Summer days, typically related to warm happy days, are completed contradicted with this story. The fact that such a terrible doing is conducted on a mid-summer day appears ironic. Moreover, because Jackson mentions and describes the sunny day as “clear and sunny… flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass richly green.” at the beginning of the story, the ending is more unexpected. Readers do not easily predict that a normal summer day will lead to the death of someone. In a different manner…

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