The Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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What is the difference between an angel and a demon? They began in the same place, and are powerful in doing what they want. Both are persuasive and influential in their dealings with others. The difference is their goals and their motives; angels protect kindness and order and demons advocate chaos and cruelty. Many times in literature, characters will represent the idea of angels versus demons. One such case is The Lord of the Flies by William Golding. In this book, Simon represents all things good and orderly and Roger is chaotic demonspawn. Roger and Simon are foil characters in how they react to the same situations in conflicting ways. Simon is kind and graceful, the embodiment of all things good and civil; Roger is the cruelty of man slowly escaping its civil prison as the boys lose their humanity. They are opposite in how they treat others and how they act in the same circumstances. When Simon struggles and dies, Roger thrives.
Simon is the angel, and Roger is the demon. Simon is the Christ-figure, kind and loving and helpful to all the other boys. He is brave, shown when he volunteers to navigate the woods alone at nighttime, and selfless, as he tries to save the boys from the idea of the beast even though he knows it will kill him (144). He sticks with Ralph to help him build shelters when everyone else is playing or hunting (50) and helps littluns find fruit when they are hungry (56). Roger, on the other hand, is cruel and savage. He is violent towards anything…

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