The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fist Fight In Heaven And Flight

In Sherman Alexie’s works “Smoke Signals” and The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven and Flight, all demonstrate how a parents’ abandonment can cause a destructive aftermath on their child. The main characters in each story blame their fathers for all the tribulations that they had to go through in their lives. Only the truth of their fathers’ abandonment will allow them to accept their anger and grief and give them the capability to move on with their lives. In the story Flight, Zits’ father abandons him and his mom, on the day he was born. Zits grew to hate his father for abandoning them that day at the hospital. His anger towards his father grew when his mother died of cancer, and he blamed his dad for making his mom sad which caused …show more content…
Victor and his dad had a really close relationship, but things started to change when Victor’s dad and mom got in fights. It would always start from a small argument and grow to a fight, like when they got into an argument about Jimmy Hendrix’s death, “’Only the good die young,’ my father said ‘No,’ my mother said ‘only the crazy people choke to death on their own vomit.’ ‘Why you talking about my hero that way?’ my father asked” (Pg.32). With every fight they got into, their relationship crumbled, and in the end Victor’s dad left on his motorcycle and never came back. Victor’s dad leaving him made Victor upset, and he cried for days in bed, “On the night I missed my father the most, when I lay in bed and cried” (Pg.35). Victor missed his father so much that he stood at the porch at night and waited for him to come back. Over the years, Victor’s sadness from his father leaving him slowly turned into anger and he transferred that anger on one of his friends, Thomas, “Victor was really drunk and beat up Thomas up for no reason at all” (Pg.65). In “Smoke Signals”, Victor had accumulated a lot of hate towards his father but put it behind him, however, when he got a call saying that his father died, the hate for his father re-emerged. Victor became irritated when he had to go pick up his father’s ashes in Phoenix, Arizona.

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