"The Lizard King", Jim Morrison Essay example

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Stephen Devine
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The Lizard King:
Jim Morrison

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors.”

Jim Morrison was an American poet who played a major role in the revolution of rock music in the U.S. throughout the late sixties and part of the seventies. His music has influenced millions and changed the way that people looked at rock as a whole. His poetry, often written under the influence of mind-altering substances captured the minds of his listeners allowing his vivid imagery to be displayed in every piece of music he wrote.
Born in Melborne, Florida in 1943 as the son of Stephen and Clara Morrison, Jim, along with his two younger siblings, lived under the
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For instance, in the song “Break on Through” Morrison writes: “You know the day destroys the night Night divides the day Tried to run Tried to hide Break on through to the other side”(Lyrics.com-The Doors).
Here Morrison is conveying his thoughts about being trapped in time. He explains how there is no escaping time, and no matter how hard you try, time is going to catch up to you. And when “it” decides that it’s your time to go…Then it’s your time to go. He is also saying that while you’re here on earth you should try to look past your reality and explore “the world of the unknown” via mind altering substances. He wants you to “break on through to the other side” and experience the side of life that isn’t visible under a normal state of mind. The term is Morrison’s way of letting people know that drugs aren’t as bad as they are perceived to be, and if you want to further your imagination, and learn to view life from a whole new perspective, drugs will be essential. Morrison even went as far as saying, “Drugs are a bet with your mind” (Jim Morrison, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), meaning that drugs help you look into the unknown parts of your brain and understand things that you normally wouldn’t be able to understand if you weren’t high. There were also songs such as “Love Me Two Times” which didn’t take as much thought to understand. The song is simply about sex… A man

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