Essay about The Little Mermaid By Hans Christian Andersen

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Throughout the course of time, authors have been inspired by different sources of iconic literature. Whether it be “the Bible” or an American classic, “the Giver,” writers have found their guides through the work of others. The common source of inspiration has caused an upward trend in certain genres, uplifting many along the way. Although authors are influences by different muses, Hans Christian Andersen’s original work, “The Little Mermaid”, has become an afflatus to authors whom created versions close to his work.
The story of “The Littler Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen begins with Ariel, daughter of the Sea King, the youngest of six children. She was the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye amongst the sisters and had “skin as clear and delicate as a rose-lead,” but like the others, she was born with a fish tail (Andersen). Now, the youngest mermaid had different desires than her sisters, she wished to know more of the world above the sea, a world she would be given permission to see by one’s fifteenth year (Andersen). Before the youngest had been given permission, her sister, one by one, told their experiences of seeing the land. Some explained the views of the vast green ocean, others described the castles in the forests and a couple described the “sounds the music, the noise of the carriages, and the voices of the human beings” (Andersen). Each sister was excited about being able to see the land above the water, now the girls were grown women who have become…

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