The Little Black Boy And Racism Is Around Me Everywhere By Francis Duggan

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Cause of Inequality-Racism
Every human has the same red blood. Though he or she is black, white, Hispanic or Asian it does not matter; everyone is supposed to have equal rights. But, racism still exists. Why do different races of people have different heights? Was the person born that way? “The Little Black Boy” by William Blake and “Racism Is around Me Everywhere” by Francis Duggan are two poems about how racism causes inequality. Likewise, realization of differences, fear of loss and displacement, a condition of being uneducated, lack of awareness, lack of self-love, unworthy feelings, and desire to feel superior all lead to inequality among the people. The superiority of whites to other races creates inequality in the society. Imitation of the oldest cultures and feelings of separation in the society makes people mentally different from others. Similarly, people’s minds are affected more when they see how the society has dominant races and differentiate people by their races. Racism causes inequality because of feeling of separation, fear of racism, and existence of racism everywhere. One reason racism causes inequality is the feeling of separation experienced by minorities. Society is formed with different religions, cultures, races. As biologically every individual seems to be different, always exist because of the skin color, hair, and physical appearance. “My mother bore me in the southern wild; And I am black, but O! my soul is white; White as an angel is an…

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