The Link Between Violence And Colonialism Essay

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The link between violence and colonialism is seen in newspaper accounts across the globe: “Gandhi Is Killed by A Hindu; India Shaken, World Mourns; 15 Die in Rioting in Bombay Three Shots Fired ”, “54 Dead, 191 Hurt in Riots” in South Africa. Throughout the course of history, colonialism has often been depicted as violence on the innocents by an aggressor, all in all a very one sided series of violent oppressive acts by the colonial power upon a weaker subjugate indigenous group. However, with colonialism in India, South Africa, and the United States, the common theme was violent conviction in your beliefs, in which the colonial power’s role as giver or receiver of the violence varied with the situation. Rather than an obvious link in which the colonial power always acted as the aggressor, the colonial power can sometimes be on the receiving end of the violence, as shown in the anti-passive model in India, Britain and the United States. Colonialism is accompanied by a cycle of violence and retaliatory violence that often costs the colonial power and the indigenous people countless lives in addition to taking an economic toll on both parties involved.
In India, the Bhagavad Gita was the major source of the belief in the indigenous people that conviction in your beliefs and the use of action, often through aggressive means, to further your beliefs was the destined path. The Bhagavad Gita appeals to the masculine identity and in its depictions of family as patrilineal, and the…

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