The Lighthouse, By Virginia Woolf Essay

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Eternal Love
To the Lighthouse, written by Virginia Woolf, is a novel about the effect relationships have on people’s lives. The first part of the novel The Window is about the Ramsay family and their guests’ time during a 12-hour span period at a summerhouse. All of them have the basic story of considering visiting the lighthouse the next day, but each character has a sub-plot. In the second part of the novel Time Passes, about ten years have gone by. Mrs. Ramsay has passed away, and the rest of the characters’ lives have changed. In the final part of the novel, The Lighthouse, the rest of the surviving Ramsay family and guests, revisit the vacation home and meet again. This time only part of the Ramsay family decides to visit the lighthouse. Each character introduced in the first part of the novel seem to be interconnected in a web of relations created by Mrs. Ramsay when she was alive. Even after she dies, her influence on the rest of the characters still persists. Throughout the novel, Mrs. Ramsay uses motherly and marital love to make lasting impacts in multiple characters’ lives in the novel.

Mrs. Ramsay forges cherished relationships with others through motherly love. She actively tries to fix others’ problems, embrace people as they are, and protect them from any pain. For instance, she cares for the sick Lighthouse Keeper’s boy and his family by sending the boy a “reddish-brown stocking” and his family “a pile of old magazines, and some tobacco” to “give [these]…

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