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A Publication of the Society for Scientific Exploration
Instructions to Authors

(Revised February 2013)
All correspondence and submissions should be directed to:
JSE Managing Editor,, 151 Petaluma Blvd. So., #227, Petaluma CA 94952
USA, (1) 415/435-1604, fax (1) 707/559-5030
Please submit all manuscripts at (please note that “www” is NOT used in this address). This website provides directions for author registration and online submission of manuscripts. Full Author Instructions are posted on the Society for Scientific Exploration’s website at
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The Journal publishes research articles, review articles, essays, book reviews, and letters or commentaries pertaining to previously published material.
REFEREEING: Manuscripts will be sent to one or more referees at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief.
Reviewers are given the option of providing an anonymous report or a signed report.
In established disciplines, concordance with accepted disciplinary paradigms is the chief guide in evaluating material for scholarly publication. On many of the matters of interest to the Society for Scientific Exploration, however, consensus does not prevail. Therefore the Journal of Scientific Exploration necessarily publishes claimed observations and proffered explanations that will seem more speculative or less plausible than those appearing in some mainstream disciplinary journals. Nevertheless, those observations and explanations must conform to rigorous standards of observational techniques and logical argument. If publication is deemed warranted but there remain points of disagreement between authors and referee(s), the reviewer(s) may be given the option of having their opinion(s) published along with the article, subject to the Editor-in-Chief ’s judgment as to length, wording, and the like. The publication of such critical reviews is intended to

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