My Father Lynwood Davis Life

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My father, Lynwood Davis was born August 19, 1950 in Marshall County on a small farm. He was born to Lugene Lucas and James Davis of Red Banks, Mississippi. He is the eldest of 24 siblings of which two have died. Shortly after the birth of my father my grandmother decided to move to Gary, Indiana. This did not sit well with my great grandparents as they were concerned that their daughter was not financially stable enough to care for my father. As a result, my dad was raised by his grandparents Frank and Mary Jane Davis. Frank was a farmer in Red Banks, Mississippi and a construction worker in Memphis, Tn. He owned his own farm and did construction as a source of extra income. In my father’s eyes, they were rich. Frank also sold cotton, harvested and sold his crop, and grew this own garden. Whatever my father wanted he says, “I got it. I was spoiled”. According to my father, he lived a middle class lifestyle growing up. He went to school like any other youngster his age, by the time he reached …show more content…
He still gets around, but not at the pace he used to. This weighs heavy on his mind as he does not want to be a burden on anyone. Around 5 years ago he applied for Social Security benefits and was denied. It took 3 denials and a lawyer for them to finally approve him for disability. He began receiving benefits at 62/63. Currently, he resides in a one bedroom apartment with his wife in Illinois. He would prefer to go back South where he owns a home and some land, but the thought of not being able to see his children and grandchildren whenever he wanted to haunts him. In his spare time which he says, “is most of the time”, he enjoys watching movies, cooking for the grandkids and just enjoying the rest of his life. Equally important, is the fact that he wants to build a relationship with the Creator. My father believes that there is no greater accomplishment in life than to grow closer to the one who created

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