Missy Andersen's Blues Music Analysis

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Few cities can claim the legacy of blues. There’s a generation of blues musicians that have brought their beautiful music to the Temecula Valley, attracted by the charm of the scene of a city domained by the wine culture, it seems like the pair goes very well hand in hand. The public is always eagered to hear vibrant guitar riffs and suspended harmonica chords. Missy Andersen at the Miramonte Winery on November 21st, 2015 was no exception. The large enclosed courtyard provided a festive ambiance for everyone to listen to fine blues, drinking magnificent wine and dancing. She performed a variety of genres. Missy identifies her music as “Soul dipped in Blues”; her music ranges with influences from Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday and Ray Charles …show more content…
It was nice to see, Heine, Missy’s husband, providing the opportunity for her to be the center of attention, and to also provide her with an avenue to interpret and sing the women’s side of blues music. The covers throughout the night were a great environment for people to dance and for Missy to achieve fluid interaction with the public.
Another wonderful song they played was her original “Ladies Shoes” from her In the Moment album. A slowed pace blues with a mix of Rhythm and Blues, the raspiness and tone of her voice in character reminded me of Bessie Tucker were she easily moved from the powerful blues shouting to the subtle low tones. The song talks about basically, walking in women’s shoes and walking through someone’s life to understand where they come from. This “tougher” vocal delivery had a powerful, penetrating message with belting soulful qualities as opposed to blues inflections.
The song had a statement, re-statement and then a clear conclusion. Missy sang and Heine would response with a similar riff on the guitar were the call and response was unmistakable. Heine, was noticeably taking more liberties on the guitar than Missy was vocally. The guitar solo was very well developed, and the rhythm section complemented

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