The Life Of Luther. Skinner 's Life Essay

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Much like Luther, Skinner had people who encouraged him and impacted the leader he would become later in life. These fictive kin “helped to satisfy and provide a model for his cultural aspirations in a way that his own family did not” (19). During his formative years in his hometown Skinner came to know a teacher, Miss Graves, who modeled “scholarliness and culture, which became his own hallmark” (13). Watching the model Miss Graves exhibited through her daily life allowed Skinner to see as a young man how scholarliness and leadership can be implemented into his own life through his behaviors. Miss Graves kept a notebook of the flora and fauna she encountered and had an “intellectual life with her parents far beyond what other families in Susquehanna had” (13). This example of intellectual family life was further modeled to him by Dean Saunders; all the children in his household were prepared for college from childhood and Skinner was able to witness this first hand by tutoring the youngest son in mathematics (19). Dean Saunders “became the closest thing to a model father for Skinner to pattern himself after” (20). These two individuals unknowingly taught Skinner how to lead his family in a way he found fulfilling and intellectually stimulating and both gave young skinner the family experience he had always longed for. Mostly Skinner’s character traits and attributes are positive, however, like all leaders Skinner is far from perfect. He struggled with expressing his…

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