The Life Of Frederick Douglass And The Black Union Soldiers Of The Civil War

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Slide One: Frederick Douglass And The Black Union Soldiers Of The Civil War The 1800s’ were tumultuous a period of American history. Racial tensions ran high, particularly as freed slaves sought more and more freedoms. The racial tension incited the historic first militias against slavery, the Underground Railroad, the canonization movement, which was an effort to repatriate slaves back to Africa, and the first black Union Soldiers (Brooks, 2014).
Slide Two 1818: Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass, as the vast majority of new born black American babies were, was born into the slave trade. The date of his birth is unknown as little record keeping of children born in this manor was kept at the time. Douglass (1845) spoke of the matter in his novel Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, expressing "I have no accurate knowledge of my age, never having seen any authentic record containing it” (p.1).
Slide Three 1827: Free Spirited Also similar to the many in his disposition, Douglass refused to let his free will suffocate in slavery. With numerous attempts to escape his enslavers, Douglass rebelled against what society of the time believed to be his place in the world.
Slider Four 1841: American Anti-Slavery Association Individual rebellion alone would be no match for the South’s dependance on the slave trade. Douglass strived to inspire meaningful change during the six month American Anti-Slavery Society Convention. He faced public backlash and…

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