The Life Of A Glass House By Tennessee Williams Essay examples

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Life in a Glass House
Tennessee Williams is best known for writing short stories, poetry, and plays. He likes to use Metaphor, symbols, and Southern Gothic style when he writes. Southern Gothic style can be looked at as the lost, unbalanced, mind like addiction, madness, obsession, and controlling. Most of Williams writing is based on his life experience. He recreates his life as a child and brings them back to life in his writing. The memory of his childhood is very much the same as the play he wrote, The Glass Menagerie.
Thomas Lanier Williams III born 1911 is Tennessee Williams real name. “As a small child Williams suffered from a case of diphtheria which nearly ended his life and left him weak and virtually confined to his house during a period of recuperation that lasted a year.”(wiki) He had a sister, Rose Isabel Williams, “who was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a young woman” and “began to slip into a make believe world cut off from the outside” and a brother, Walter Dakin Williams (Loewenberg). They lived in St. Louis, Missouri with their overbearing and controlling mother, “Edwina, focused her overbearing attention almost entirely on her frail young son and never accepted her daughter’s limitations and tried to force her to take secretarial courses” (Loewenberg). Their father was an alcoholic traveling shoe salesman and was on the road more than at home with his family. “Tennessee and Rose were best friends and would play with her prized collections of…

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