The Legend Of Camelot: The Legends Of Camelot

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Legends of Camelot

King Arthur had a big role in Camelot in many legends, and so did others in the mythical or “cannot be proven by historical documents adventures” of England. Now to start off is that a majority of the reason why King Arthur’s legends exist is due to Merlin’s actions, for if it weren’t for his actions then King Arthur would only be known as Arthur. First off is that King Arthur’s legend began by England looking for its next heir for the throne, but then the current ruler of England asked Merlin for advice for choosing England’s future ruler. As a result Merlin (Who already knew Arthur the son of Uther, was destined for control over England in a positive way.) created a stone with a sword, for whoever yanks out the sword from
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Now evidence showing King Arthur did battle the Saxons is on the website which states, “After many great battles and a huge victory at Mount Badon the Saxons’ advance was halted.” As a result the past statement does prove how the Saxons were a part of King Arthur’s legend. Adding on, another legend based on King Arthur was the fall of Camelot’s peace. (The last legend of Camelot.) Now the fall of Camelot was not pretty for instead of fighting outside forces, they fought their own people in a civil war. Following up is some information proving that Camelot had a civil war was shown in the website which states, “Unfortunately, as peace settled over the country things turned sour within the court of Camelot and civil war broke out.” Thus the previous sentence clearly displays how Camelot did eventually lead itself to a fall by a civil war, and as result leaving King Arthur, and his nephew Mordred wounded, so they fled on a ship to an island named Avalon (They fled for things got out of hand, not, because they were cowards.), they later were healed by maidens while this civil war ended the last the legend of Camelot. …show more content…
Now to start off is that King Arthur was discussing with his knights at the round table, about what they should do next to aid those in England, when suddenly the Holy Grail appeared in a vision to every one sitting at the table, therefore 150 knights set out to look for the Holy Grail. Now the search for the Holy Grail is the adventure that took place in England due its power which it gave, and proof showing this reason is true is shown in the website in the article “Holy Grail” which states, “They saw the Grail suspended in the air. About 150 knights decided to search throughout Britain for the Grail.” Therefore the previous statement does show how 150 knights went to attempt to find the Holy Grail. Continuously is that only 3 knights aided with 9 others from various different lands continued the search for they were the strongest, and the most fit to finish the remaining journey for the discovery for the Holy Grail, whereas the rest of the knights discontinued their journey. The names of the three main knights associated with attempting to discover the Holy Grail are Bors, Galahad, and Perceval, now they did eventually find the Holy Grail, but it was in a castle known as Corbenic. Now as the knights entered the castle a vision consisting of angels came to them holding the spear which had stabbed Jesus at the crucifixion, and were

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