The Legalization Of Legalization And Prohibition Essays

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I choose the decriminalization model simply because it is a compromise between legalization and prohibition. After many years of waging war on drugs, I do not see us really getting anywhere. By placing someone found in possession of more than a week supply of any type of drug such as marijuana to cocaine, the person would deal with an accelerated rehabilitative disposition as in a special intervention type program and calling it the mediation group comprised of a lawyer, doctor and social worker. This group could recommend treatment as well as present a minor fine. The main lesson to learn from decriminalizing drug doesn’t necessarily lead to disaster, and it does free up resources for more effective responses to drug related problems. Decriminalizing drug addiction would ensure those arrested for drug possession and use could go to rehab instead of a jail term. Rehab might help reduce the amount of jail time as well as getting custody or visitation rights to see your children providing sacrifices are made in life changes.
The advantages are a transition to a new freedom to reduce government costs and raise tax revenues through legalization of drugs thereby ending the costly war on drugs. Taxes along with other fees could be imposed against the drugs just like you see with tobacco and alcohol sales. These taxes could be used to fund drug awareness campaigns and other projects which could benefit countless communities. HIV infection rates among injecting drug users…

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