The Legal Environment Of Germany Essay

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The legal environment of a country deals with the rules that regulate behavior along with the processes by which they are enforced. The legal environment is very important to the operations of a beer company. It defines how our beer company executes business transactions and the right and obligations of parties involved in business transactions. The first thing to look at when examining the legal environment of Germany is the law. Germany follows a civil law system or laws that is based on a detailed set of laws that are organized into codes. There are a few differences of law in Germany than what we are used to here in the United States. The first difference is the court system. In Germany the number and types of judges that hear cases is all based off of the type of issue that is involved. Depending on the issue a judge(s) hearing your case can be a specific or combination of professional judges or a group of lay judges. The professional judges in Germany’s court system are trained legal experts and are employed as civil servants for their life. On the other hand, lay judges are ordinary citizens that are selected by a committee to serve a predetermined amount of time. In the German legal system, the judge plays a large role due to their being no jury trail. Furthermore, under Germany’s legal structure the court system is similar to how the United States court system operates. There are different types of courts for each different type law and that court has…

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