Ethical Issues In Schools Essay

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Throughout history, what is ethically or morally right in terms of students’ rights of choice and expression has caused many legal and ethical debates and battles. By exploring the ideals and principles behind the First Amendment, we can identify specific words or phrases that have cause Americans to misinterpret the legal and ethical significance behind these two amendments. Some parents of children have caused controversy and gained media exposure by suing school districts for alleged violations of civil rights and misappropriation of disciplinary actions imposed by school administrators and teachers. Based on these decisions, students’ rights of freedom and expression have remained a debatable issue and controversial topic of focus in schools. …show more content…
The students wrote controversial articles about teen pregnancy and divorce, which prompted the principal to remove them from the school newspaper. Due to the social stigma of these topics, the principal considered the subjects to be inappropriate for younger students. The students sued the school district for a violation of First Amendment rights, but the Supreme Court ruled that schools have the authority to monitor and censor school publications. Based on the freedom of speech, students have the ability to write ideas or opinions privately, but publicly viewed writings that are based on controversial topics can lead to social degradation and public humiliation.

Pickering v. Board of Education, 391 U.S. 563
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The school board fired the teacher on the grounds that the teacher’s comments were unsupported by any factual evidence and jeopardized the integrity of the school district. The Supreme Court ruled that any citizen, regardless of job status, has the right to discuss or challenge matters of public concern. From an ethical standpoint, some teachers will occasionally address topics of concern to the school board, but others refrain from public commentary that can threaten their job

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