The Legal Age Of Drinking Alcohol Essay

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The stereotypical expectation of turning 21 is the fact that you are now at the legal age of having the ability to purchase alcohol. Now is the time to have fun, get a little crazy or more than likely start to form an intractable addiction to alcohol, therefore then being considered an alcoholic. The action of consuming alcohol continues to be a massive issue due to the fact that high amount of people have become dependent upon the drug, not only because it’s a likeable activity, but also because alcohol is considered to be a release on the individual 's emotions and, or stress. After becoming dependent on the drug, it then grows into a complication of Alcoholism, and it seems that drinking Alcohol is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Most of us are swamped and oppressed constantly with the influence of the media and their powerful messages. They try to convince us that drinking has the power to make us wealthy, beautiful, sexy, successful, or even have the power to carry us into paradise. These continuing entreaties to drink keep us from developing rational attitudes based on our own experience. We combine the facts into the myths we want to believe. Alcoholism continues to be a rampant in our country because alcohol abides to be a drug that, “works” for those who drink that are searching for an escape.
What most careless drinkers don’t understand is that excessive drinking can be viewed as a major public health problem that results in 88,00 deaths a year. These causes…

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