Essay on The Legacy Of The Legend Thurgood Marshall

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The Legend Thurgood Marshall was born in Baltimore , Maryland on July 2, 1908. When it comes to his parents, his mother who goes by the name of Norma was a kindergarten teacher. His father William Marshall was the grandson of a slave, and he worked as a steward in an exclusive club. An interesting fact about William Marshall was that he liked to listen to cases at their local courthouse and come back home and discuss the lawyer 's point of view with his sons. When thurgood was asked about why he’d gotten so intrigued into law he often turned to mention the heated arguments him his father and brother used to have over any topic. However marshall attended school at Baltimore 's Colored High and Training School. Above all marshall was more than just an average student, he put his amazing skills of argument to use to become the star member of the debate team. Besides him being a great leader in school, he was a mischievous trouble maker. Going back marshall 's best high school milestone was memorizing the whole United States Constitution. Then again that was a punishment by his teacher because of his behavior during class. Later after he graduated high school in 1926, thurgood attended Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. It is one of the better know historically black colleges in the United States. Other than marshall more remarkable figures attended the University such as Cab Calloway(famous jazz musician) ,Kwame Nkrumah(future president of Ghana) and lastly Langston Hughes(…

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