Essay about The Legacy Of Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela was not only a great man and great leader for his people, but also a bright example of the type of leadership our society needs today. He has left a huge inspirational legacy behind. He helped unite South Africa as it was rip to shreds by apartheid, the cruelest system of laws of white alternative rule. He represented for all Africa an assurance to democracy and freedom. Mandela was a man of a strange vision beyond the strong current struggles and pain. He was such an inspirational figure to many people, who taught them to be better than they had been through forgiving and reconciliation.

Throughout his life, Nelson Mandela was strongly influenced by the political and cultural issues that were severely hurting South Africa’s society. Mandela grew up under the awful regulations of the government. During the 1940s, the government of South Africa approved a horrible system of laws, known as the Apartheid, which obligated intense segregation and gave the whites the power to control blacks and other races in the country. Also, backs were deprived from voting or holding office in the government, as well were denied their citizenship from their own country. Mandela and the rest of the black population in South Africa was forced to live physically apart from the white population, often living in “homelands” and “townships”, which seemed to be slums of canvas and ridged tin. Many African blacks went against Apartheid, going on strikes and acting very violently in…

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