The Legacy Of Helen Herron Taft Essay examples

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Helen Herron Taft was born seven months before Mrs. Roosevelt on January 2, 1861 to a wealthy family in Cincinnati. She grew up in a family of politicians and lawyers – her father was a state senator and appointed the U.S. Attorney by President Benjamin Harrison. Her father was Judge John Williamson Herron, a college classmate with President Harrison and a law partner of President Rutherford B. Hayes. Her mother, Harriet Collins Herron, was the daughter and the sister of American congressmen, and Mrs. Taft’s grandfather, Ela Collins, and uncle, William Collins, were both members of Congress. Mrs. Taft grew up in well-educated, political family that was well off and provided her with a bright future and preparation for her time as first lady.
As a young girl, Mrs. Taft attended Miss Nourse’s school and later was encouraged by her parents to take classes at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She studied German, literature, history, and the sciences. She self-studied law in her free time after graduation and even considered pursuing a career as a lawyer. She was the most educated of the first ladies at that time and was one of the few to have held a job in their lifetime. She, however, married Mr. Taft when she was twenty-five years old and poured her own ambitions into her husband’s career.
Mrs. Taft grew into an assertive, ambitious, and intellectual woman who was a dedicated law and music student. She began teaching music at two different private schools after her…

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