The Legacy Of Andrew Jackson Essay

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Known affectionately as “Old Hickory” by the men he had once led and fought with, and loved by most Americans, Andrew Jackson was revered at the time of his presidency. Jackson, born in 1767 to only his mother, grew up impoverished and rebellious. At the age of 13 Jackson joined the Revolutionary War and was subsequently captured by the British military. He survived, and sixteen years later he had become a lawyer, had acquired a wife, and became Tennessee 's first representative and senator. However Jackson would always have a love for the battlefield, and it’s in those moments he gained the admiration of the American Republic. During the War of 1812 he had helped get rid of the Creek indian tribe in Alabama, and defended the city of New Orleans in 1815. This was his greatest military triumph. Because of how well he was loved, and his desire to mold America into what he wanted he ran for president in 1924. However, John Quincy Adams won in what was called the “Corrupt Bargain” because of how Henry Clay traded his votes over to JQA. Jackson stayed bitter and in 1829 he ran again, this time winning the hearts of the common man. During his tenure in office he forsook the rights of men in his treatment of Native American tribes, he pushed the country into a economic turmoil because of his destruction of the National bank, and destroyed the national bank because of a personal vendetta he held against those he deemed responsible for the murder of his wife. He would defend the…

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