Essay on The Legacy Of All Great Kingdoms

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with a proper architecture. He realized that that the legacy of all great kingdoms was exemplified over their architectural memorials. Jefferson committed hunt for this ideal led him to journey the south of France to study the antique Roman remnants. Of particular was the ruin of the Maison Carree at Nimes which he defines as the greatest attractive and valuable piece of architecture left to us by ancient times. This ruin influenced his plan for the government center of Virginia. As a consequence he never again saw construction as a tool which could exclusively be derived from books. As a significance of Jefferson’s study of Roman Architecture there was a reverse in his admiration to Palladio to which he was an enthusiastic admirer. His years in France made him to appreciate that the creative motivation for Palladio’s ideas came from antique Rome. Jefferson deliberated on the same foundations and exposed his mentor’s source, Palladio’s source shifted from teacher to that of associated classicist. These Palladio’s and entire Jefferson’s architectural books would function as a reference guide to be consulted and not copied. It is all these that helped shape the ideals of Jefferson and the American course (Giordano, 2012). Jefferson believed in American nationalism that only a united American nation could bring into reality and defends the moral and political principles that he cherished as uniquely American and that he knew could also inspire the world. For Jefferson the…

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