How Did Thomas Jefferson Influence American Foreign Policy

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Thomas Jefferson was a person who had a huge effect on the histories of both The United States and Europe. He was one of the founder of the Declaration of Independence. He affected people in The United States and Europe by his ideas and studies on democracy and freedom. He believed that The United States is a chosen country. Americans are chosen and they are a hope for rest of the world. He believed that freedom of politics and religion are mutually vital and they cannot be divided.
According to Thomas Jefferson, The United States is can build commercial relationship between other countries and can manipulate others’ countries to gain international advantage. Therefore, The United States affected European countries to get benefit. He had a
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His attitudes also, affected foreign policy of The United States. Even, he does not agree isolation, he follow pragmatic policy. He knows how The United States can manipulate and gain benefit from Europe. Thus, he does not carry out a dominant foreign policy.
Republican ideology has an impact on Thomas Jefferson’s foreign policy. He need to fulfil Republican demands. They need to sell their agricultural surplus and they need to enlarge their agricultural lands. Therefore, it is inevitable to trade with other nations and expand territory.
Thomas Jefferson has a different character in terms of the presidency. He is different than his processors. He is more brave and aggressive. He thinks that “because an insult unpunished is the parent of many others”. Therefore, he declared a war against Tripoli because the pasha of Tripoli violates American commercial ships and wants ransom for security in the Mediterranean Sea. However, the war last about five years and The United States could not ensure the Tirolian violation. Also, the cost of the war was more than ransom. As a result of this war, The United States understand the tyranny of Islamic despotism and enhance the idea of being agent of a new order of justice and

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